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The perfect family electric cargo bike, designed to improve your everyday mobility. Get around with your children and your belongings safely and easily thanks to high quality electric assistance and cleverly designed features! The U-Cargo is the perfect bike for you.

BKL was founded in Spain in 2013 with the aim of designing, manufacturing and assembling a new line of electric vehicles for different types of sectors. Today, the BKL vehicles are used throughout Europe for street cleaning, logistics distribution, tourism and removals in major industrial areas. BKL specializes in cargo bikes. Do you need a vehicle to transport goods, transport your family or a vehicle to clean the streets, BKL has the best electric bicycles and tricycles for you.
Do not hesitate to consult the calogus of electric bicycles and tricycles.

We want to fly! The VELLO Bike is the lightest folding electric bike in its class.

From 9.9 kg for non-electric bikes and from 12.9 kg for electric VELLOs. Also available in super light titanium.

The engine supports you whenever you need it.
The Kinetic Energy Harvesting System uses excess energy to recharge your battery.

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